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Rosie with Cider

what doesn't kill you makes you stranger

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Hi, I'm Rosie, and I'm currently studying Physics at Queen Mary, University of London. Go me!

I'm also a bit of a geek. Well, I say "a bit"... Not only do I study physics, but I'm also a gamer. Yup, I play Dungeons and Dragons, Dreamblade, paint miniatures, and many other games as well.

Here's a little pimp for the new East Anglian Gaming convention, Ludicrus:

From Metro.co.uk

i am a total geek

Sometimes I make graphics for TV shows I watch. They can be found at my graphics journal, dozy_icons.

All the icons I use were made by me, unless otherwise stated. Please don't take the ones with pictures of me in. All others are snaggable, with credit.

Layout originally by tasha at premade_ljs, but with a few modifications by me, most obviously the banner and background.

Just in case someone's feeling terribly generous, here's my Amazon Wishlist. Hey, it's worth a shot!

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